Monday, January 27, 2014


The view of the Basilica from my hotel

As the sun sets the Basilica lights up

Changing of the guards and President Correa
View of hill called Panecillo with the Virgin statue from my room

view of the Virgin statue from my hotel
Here are some photos taken from my hotel.  Quito has lots of hills and I feel like so many of the hotels are on hills.  I have stayed at, at least 4 hotels in Quito.  Two of them were on very steep hills.  But the hills also means there are many good views.  Quite a few of the hotels have nice roof decks like the Secret Garden in Old Town but is also on a bit of a hill.

Panecillo is a nice hike up.  It only took us 20 minutes and is pretty straight forward. We did not bring our cameras cause they said there have been many robberies there but it seemed OK.  Just be aware when going up. There are police stationed at the bottom of the stairs and the top.  A taxi ride they told us would be about $2 from Old Town to the top or vice versa.  

Today I was walking by Independence plaza and I saw a large crowd had gathered and found out they have the changing of the guards. So I stayed to watch but didnt have my camera with me.  President Correa came out for it.  After a while I left and got my camera but you couldnt see the president anymore though I think he was still there.

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