Saturday, January 11, 2014


I went to Mindo, Ecuador in the cloud forest. 
Bus: Its only about 2.5 hours and $2.5 to get there from the terminal in the north Ofelia. 
Hotel: We stayed at Hostal Jardin de los Pajaros
We shared a private room with two beds and private bath on the second floor which was $15 a person and included breakfast (bread, hot drink, juice, fruit, butter, marmalade.  There was a pool and hammocks and wifi and as a benefit when the lights went out in town they had a generator so we had lights when some of the other hotels did not.
Food:  El Tigrillo - I dont normally go to pizza places in Latin America cause I normally find the pizza a bit strange but this pizza I thought was actually good.  

Since my camera is broken I dont have any good photos of Mindo since its a bit dark and cloudy. We went on a bird watching tour and saw a crazy looking red bird called gallo de pena or cock of the rock but it was too dark for me to take a photo with my camera.  We also saw many varieties of hummingbirds including silfa cola violeta (Purple tailed) as well as other birds such as  orange bellied euphonia squirrel cucko and a quetzal. We stayed at

Here is a humming bird called the booted raquet tail.  It has a long tail with two round feathers at the end and under it looks like it has cotton for feet, so in spanish they call it cotton feet. 

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