Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canoa, Puerto Lopez

Quito to Canoa
I took a night bus to Canoa for $10. The bus was convenient from Quito cause it left from the center of town instead of the north or south of town.  As I was staying near the Elijido park it was quite convenient in proximity.  It left at 10:45pm and it was supposed to arrive around 5 or 6am but we arrived around 4am.  

Many of the hostels will let you sleep on a couch or hammock till they open so we found a comfy couch to sleep on until 8am then started our walk around town looking for hostels. I stayed at Hostel Coco Loco which was cheap.. $8 for a dorm bed but a little disappointing cause the reviews were amazing.  The people were very nice but I guess I moved on because all the guests were talking about how their clothing was being stolen and the dorm I was in didnt have lockers though I heard that other dorms did.  Canoa was a very cute small laid back surf village on the coast.  Not too much to do other than surf. I had wanted to take a kitesurfing class but the wind ends in December.

Puerto Lopez
So off I went to Puerto Lopez.  Puerto Lopez has lots to do from diving to visiting the islands or going to the beach or surfing.  I went to the less touristic island of  Salango  instead of going to Isla de la plata because I have already been to the Galapagos and it is called the poor mans Galapagos.  I wouldnt recommend Salango Island though maybe I was disappointed because the agency lied to me about many things about the tour to get me to go.  The agencies also play these games. They start at $35 for a tour to Isla de la plata but people normally pay $30 or $25 if they bargain. 
Puerto Lopez

Blue footed boobies
You probably cant see the blue footed boobies, unfortunately my camera is still broken so these are the best I could take with my phone.

I go back to Quito on a night bus through the same company reina del camino for $13. Leaves at 8pm and is scheduled to arrive at 5am.  I hope it doesnt arrive much earlier like some review I have read.  But it arrives in the town center where I left so that makes my life easier.

Update:  The bus arrived in Quito at 5am and I went to the waiting room till almost 6am when it was light outside and hopped on the trole bus.  

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