Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dont date a girl who travels

Dont date a girl who travels

This article was posted quite a number of times on facebook so I eventually read it.  It was pretty funny and definitely in many ways could be a description of me.   

I had to laugh when I read it. 
OK I have to admit my hair is unkempt and discolored from the sun, and my skin has been burned to a point where I think my tan lines are permanent as well as the scars from endless bug bites all over my body. 
We may seem hard to please, but I think travelers learn to easily be pleased and enjoy the moment and little things in life.  Yes new experiences, continual growth and learning is what drives us but relaxing and enjoying a movie is something everyone should be able to appreciate. Though I do admit when we have had so many amazing experiences and seen so many amazing things maybe we are not as easily impressed anymore. 

Yes we know how to stretch our money and take advantage of deals.  OK I also have to admit I have changed jobs and maybe am wasting my college degree. I am not a dive instructor or yoga teacher.. yet : )  admittedly it is on my list of experiences in life I want, and I have completed most of the other experiences that were on my must do list. 

I agree that generally travelers don’t want to hear people continually complaining about the same things, but because we want to help them change their lives so they don’t need to complain. Don’t complain about it.. change it. We have learned how much control we have over our lives and how we have the ability to change the things we truly want to change, and we don let our fears hold us back.  We like looking at things with a positive outlook.  

Its true I have no idea where my next paycheck is coming from but I am happier, freer and have more confident about myself than I ever had before.  True I might not seem to have a plan, since my plans often change as I leave myself open to opportunities. I do live in the present but don’t let that fool you, I do have plans, and much of my plans are making my dreams a reality, and not all my dreams are connected so it might seem random, but its not as random as you might think.  

Yes I have learned to speak my mind more and be more independent and even to debate global issues or social responsibility that I would have held back on expressing before.

True I am not needy but that doesnt mean I dont need other people or accept help. I have learned I can do things on my own, I am very capable, but have also learned that often things (like travel) are even better shared with others too.  

So maybe we are complicated, we look at things different and do things different. Or maybe thats just me as other travelers have often commented that I am "different".  But I am not afraid to be different either.   

I remember meeting a friend of a friend years ago who said to me I heard you like to travel, where have you been.  I spouted off what I thought was impressive at the time which was a handful of European countries, Cancun, and Aruba. And his eyes kinda glazed over and he quickly left to talk to someone else.  Later I found out he had extensively traveled the world, and now looking back I can see how he would have been pretty bored by my limited travel to what are considered safe and normal areas for young travelers.  Even now my travel pales in comparison to so many travelers I have met.  I have only been to maybe 35 countries, but I prefer to stay longer and get to know the culture and the people so it makes my travel often times slow because I am looking to learn and have experiences not just a checklist of the most I can see (not that I am against that or dont do sightseeing, I still love sightseeing).  I originally planned to travel the world but have hardly scratched the surface of the Americas.

I have met so many travelers that inspire me! Even with our high expectations, extreme passion for life and avoidance of the mundane and routine!

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