Friday, January 24, 2014

Pululau, Mitad del Mundo, Quito

Volcanic crater Pululalua

Volcan Pululahua the 5th largest crater in the world with a diameter of 5-6 kilometers and the second inhabited in the earth.  It is just a few minutes bus ride from Mitad del mundo and a 15 minute walk uphill to the viewpoint.  From the viewpoint you can take a taxi or hike into the crater. We took the bus from terminal carcelen in the north to mitad del mundo where it lets you off right in front of the monument. 

We took a taxi back to the the museum Intinan where the ecuator is.  Its a very touristy museum but still fun. 
We went to see the monument at Calacalio that is famous but was built a little to the south of the ecuator.  

Lots of birds in Mitad del Mundo

On the ecuator in Ecuador

Mitad Del Mundo monument
La Ronda street with a view of el Panecillo
 La Ronda is a pedestrian street that opens up at night and has lots of restaurants and cafes and live music. This used to be a dangerous area and now is very safe and touristy. I am staying just around the corner from here and love the area. I have stayed in three different hotels in an area between old and new town and while the hotels were nice, I love staying in Old town.  It is beautiful and there are always lots of options for food and drink. 

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