About Me

I have always lived in the Boston area.   And for many years now I have dreamed of traveling.  Well after being stuck in a cubicle for a long time, too long, a door opened, and I made a run for it.  Its been long overdue and honestly I should have had the guts to take control of my life and open the door myself, but at least I have stepped foot, entered and opened the door. I dont know where this door will lead.  But perhaps from now on if I dont like the path, I will be able to open new doors on my on instead of waiting for one to appear.  I have a feeling I may have to remind myself this many times.         

Well everyone thinks I am crazy but I think things have become so backwards that actually following your dreams is considered crazy.  So many people do what they are expected and not what they want, which I find sad in a country that can afford more leisure time and the ability to follow our dreams but yet we are too afraid.  After years of dreaming of travel I am actually doing some travel. 

High on my bucket list are learning another language and experiencing and learning other cultures.  I want to experience the real cultures and with that takes time and sometimes a path less traveled.  I have met so many other travelers who are traveling for extended periods time.  Mostly young people trying to figure out what they want and their place in the world.  Many of these travelers have had so many different types of experiences and have given me so many more ideas of places and ways I want to travel.  So many know so many languages.  I know only one which limits my communication and ability to learn the culture and interact with the locals.  I am learning how much of a barrier to my learning that not knowing other languages can impose.    

What is on your bucket list, and what is stopping you?  I hope you find inspiration but also reality.  I love traveling but I have found many obstacles too but as always enjoy challenges. 

My bucket list.. just a start and constantly changing!
learn another language.. or more.. (wish list in order: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic)
sail, sail around for an extended trip
travel, see the natural wonders before they are destroyed, and of course sample local food
give back, find ways to give back as I have received so much and want to share
be a dive instructor - I really want to work as a dive instructor for some time, I think it would be an amazing experience
make beer and wine
learn more about cooking from scratch
learn to fly