Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Salt Lake City

Uphill first : )

Me sporting my new bike gear
Lake Blanche (about a 3 hour hike)

The church of ladder day saints temple in Salt Lake City

View from the Church of LDS office building of Salt Lake City

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easter Island

Took the centropuerto bus from the airport to the center (1,350 Pesos but the price will be going up next month, and I could have saved 100 pesos by purchasing a round trip ticket.  I went into Santiago to buy food to bring. I spent about 16,000Pesos on food for 5 days and it should be more than I need, I even shared some fruit today cause I wont need it all.  They consider it a domestic flight and are allowed to bring any food including fruits, cheese, animal products  or anything else. 

Easter Island
Statues are everywhere

They are all along the shore. 

The crater right by the ocean
So many plants grow inside the crater, they call it a greenhouse

The edge of the crater overlooks the water

Fallen statues

The quarry where many statues were left half finished due to defects (tumors : ) such as finding a stone as they were carving or were left abandoned in transit if it fell and cracked

I bought the park pass at the airport (30,000Pesos) which is convenient and the pass doesnt activate till you go to the first park then you have 5 days to get to the other park.

I walked to the first park Orongo myself it take maybe an hour and a half to get to the top and then took me about an hour to walk back to town.  I walked to the Stephen Englhart museum which cost 1,000pesos.

Tours on the island vary. The cheapest agency I found was 20,000pesos for a full day tour without lunch and 15,000 for the half day tour at Kia Koe tours.  I didnt go with them only because of mix up, they didnt tell me the time changed the next day so I missed the tour so I ended up going with Rapanui travel which charged 25,000 for a day tour if you bring your own lunch.  I thought the tour was good and the guide Christian was good, but I think most of the guides are probably good so I would probably recommend Kia Koe and their office is on the main street albeit at the end after all the store because I think they are probably just as good and 5,000 Pesos cheaper.

Bus in Santiago 2,700
Food 16,000 Pesos
Tours 25,000
Pass 30,000
Museum 1,000

Hotel- 9,000 pesos a night - nice room in a house with private bath and shared kitchen. They also gave a free airport pickup. 

Santiago, Chile
Princessa Insolente Hostel - One of the worst travelers hostels I have stayed at.  The lockers had closures made so that most locks would not be able to fit on the lockers so that you would have to rent their locks.  They had a party with blaring music until 2:00AM.  Its great if you want a party hostel.  Breakfast is like most hostels just bread and jam and coffee so nothing terrible or great there.  People were up being loud and talking till 5AM.  I felt bad for the older couple who had an early flight and were kept up all night and the girl trying to study earlier in the night with all the noise.  They marketed themselves for non party hostel crowds but its really only for people who want a party crowd.  One of the showers did not have hot water and even though I was there mid week there were still people puking all over the place.  Wifi was also really slow for Santiago, most other hostels I have stayed at in Santiago had much quicker wifi.