Wednesday, April 27, 2011

El Progreso

I took the bus this morning to El Progreso a small town outside around 8km from the port city I am staying in and walked around.  I wanted to see the tree house that the island is famous for but I could only see it from the outside because it was closed. I was told it opened at 9, and waited till 930 but decided to leave.  I went and did a self tour of the facilities of the islands water purification plant run by a private company that takes water by pipes from the islands fresh water lagoon and purifies and bottles the water and sells it.
Then on the way back to town is a recycling center that I had heard has a visitors center so I walked the 2 kms to the recycling center and there was a nice map of the facilities which showed a visitors center on the map.  well I didnt see it so I asked a guy and he told me yes its back on the other street.  Well I took the other road and still didnt see it. I walked the whole compound according to the map and didnt see it so I stopped a worker who was napping in the grass and asked him.  He called over some guy who was leaving on his motorcycle and I got a tour in Spanish, so I didnt understand much of it, on a motorcycle, then he gave me a ride back to town.
After I went for lunch and then walked around with friends.  I had a tortilla de yuca and a tortilla de plantanos.. a plaintain and a yuca dough fried with cheese in and on top.. yummy.  Then got a milkshake .. the milkshakes here are so addictive.

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