Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally made it to Gordon Rocks

Well after my last trip to Gordon rocks Which was a disaster when the police stopped us and wouldnt let us dive and the owner wouldn't admit it was because he didn't have the permits to dive there. Well today I went and it was amazing it! Huge schools of large manta rays and large eagle rays that were so close I could almost touch them. Seals were playing with us at the end I had one inches from my face while he floated upside down and I think we literally had a staring match as his eyes were level with mine, I think he one I didn't see him blink. Lots of turtles to but sea lions are so much more fun and playful. Schools of hammerheads. Wow really amazing!!

Best quote of the week, when someone asked me if it's hard to see cause my eyes are so small! It's quite interesting on the island I live on it's been different than anywhere else I have been including the other islands people are much more blatant. I am on a bigger island now but as I walk by people shout chinita Whig is little chinese, they say cheeech hung kong or something that sounds Asian and all start laughing or pull the ends of their eyes back to make them look chinese and when I say I am from
The states they often say no you are not as a statement. they don't mean any harm buts it's interesting to see adults have this kind of behavior. This is not just kids doing this. But then agin I was told that all American girls are blond. I am not sure heo they got this impression or maybe it's just that most of theamericans that can afford and want to go to the islands are caucasion. Or media and tv cold play a role. I tried to explain the term melting pot to someone yesterday.

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