Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unhappy people

where we went diving
seals were playing with us.. swiming circles around us
Why are people so unhappy sometime.  And on vacation at that.  I almost let a tourist get me in a bad mood today.  I was on a dive no less.. how much happier could I be.. my first dive on this trip.  I was zipping up my wetsuit (zips in the back) and some man who was sitting decide to stand at the same time my hand slipped off the zipper cause it got stuck and he dropped his old ipod.  It took me a second to turn around and I looked at him and he gave me a look of death so I said I am sorry.  Then a few minutes later he goes look you damaged it.. on the side in the corner is a dent.. I couldnt see anything and told him so and he says yeah right you dont see it cause you dont want to.. then goes off on how I should have announced I was going to be making a big motion.  I looked at him and made quite a spectacle of myself by saying quite loudly that he needs to take some responsibility cause he dropped it and he also was moving toward me standing up and it wasnt all my fault.. he  gets mad and says its all my fault and no one should make large movements without letting others around know and I retorted I dont know what you want from I said I was sorry accidents happen, I didnt do it on purpose. .. I wanted to F off but I calmed myslef down.  Its sad that he needs to blame someone else and he sat and sulked the rest of the trip.  I dont know why I let people affect me so negatively cause my heart was beating after that incident.. I also didnt sleep last night cause one of my roommates came home last night drunk and wanted to party at midnight, I was sleeping since I had to be up early for diving. She was swearing and yelling and arguing with my other roommate that she wanted a party but my other roommate wouldnt let her.  Then she comes back at 4am and is swearing and yelling and complaining again so this time I confront her.  
Alas I didnt let that put me down it was  a great day overall.  Diving was fun though I missed the hammerheads that the rest of the group got to see.  I got to swim with sea lions.  Then I moved in with a local family and I really think I will like it.  I love the house the family seems nice and the location is great. I am very excited.  They dont speak english so I am excited to try to learn a little spanish.   Alas even though there are unhappy people I am not one of them.  Island life is slow but I think I will adjust.
I am going to post some pictures in some of my older posts.

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