Monday, April 25, 2011


For Easter here, there is NO comercialism, no candy,cards, easter bunny, eggs, baskets or decorations. I almost forgot how comercial a holiday its become in the US until I was trying to explain it to a local woman who was so confused as to why we would have candy on Easter.  And was pretty appalled by the concept of the Easter bunny.  They make a special soup for Good Friday and Easter is just a holy day spend with family. 

I had Corviche de pascado, a fried plantain dumpling stuffed with fish and and some salad (which is onions and shredded lettuce) and mayo for dinner tonight. I also ordered a drink which I thought was coconut juice but was actually called morocho which is served hot and blends white corn with milk and cinnamon and that carries can have raisins and whole kernels in it but I think this one had rice.

The other night I saw I think a few humming birds and got a really close look but of course I didnt have my camera.  It was beautiful, I have never seen anything like it before.  I have seen these green hummingbirds here in Ecuador but this one was so different.  The body was small like a big bee with some bright colors and fast wings and a really really long beak almost like a string about 3 or more inches long. I tried to go back last night and get a picture but I only saw a couple this time and they didnt stay long so I could get a picture.  I hope to get a picture so someone can tell me what it is.

Well here I have so much time which I am not used to.  I dont know what to do with all my time and at first I was going nuts because as a city girl there is not much to do other than relax go to the beach or drink.  I like to go to theatre, try new things and attend lectures.  Well I went to the University and was told there were no classes I could attend, I had tried to get a diving internship but wasnt able to secure one.  So I found a friend who will help tutor me in spanish.  Its much too hot here to do much during the day so I will relax and maybe swim and sample more of the local homemade icecreams and local cuisine.  I have realized that living on a small island is not for me but I am learning to enjoy the down time. There are about 6,000 people on this island.

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