Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy people, Ecuadorians

view from the cliffs

fresh water lagoon in the crater of the volcano on San Cristobal

many many lizards and iguanas

birds on top of the cliff, birds are not afraid to come very close to you

lava lizard

I really love Ecuadorians.   They are so nice and go out of their way to help you.  I cant tell you how many times I have asked an Ecuadorian for directions and they have stayed with me until they find someone who knows where I want to go or have walked me placed or made sure I have gotten on a bus OK. 
Today I went to the one of the beaches here and went for a walk up to a cliff to see the birds and their nexts in the cliffs.  Then went to the beach and on the beach an Ecuadorian lent me his snorkeling gear so I could go swim with the turtles.  It was nice to swim with them they werent afraid and let me just watch them but I have to admit the sea lions were more fun, they seem to love to play and swim in circles around you and are so fast and brush up against you and are so graceful.  On the beach the guy that got mad at me yesterday was there and he came and asked my friend to watch his stuff.  I tried to be nice and give him advice on where the turtles were and he completely ignored me.  People can be so unhappy and for no reason.  But the Ecuadorian who lent me his snorkel gear then invited me on a tour of the island.  He took me to another beautiful beach and to a volcano with a fresh water lake in the crater.  This is so very typical of the locals.  The other day I asked a girl where she got an ice cream and she took me to the shop because she didnt think I would find it on my own.  Another local offered to take me and another girl who is on the island for only a day on a tour but I didnt want to go with because they were going to do all the sites and I wanted to take my time.  But people here are so nice and helpful.   

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