Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ecuador.. finally

Arrived in Quito finally after having plane mechanical problems and having to spend a night in Miami.  They only announced it in Spanish but Airforce One with the President landed right next to our plane while we were waiting to depart. 

Shared a taxi to the tourist city of banos Ecuador with 5 other guys I met. I spent yesterday Saturday walkin around town and went out because it's carnival here. It very busy here for a small town because of carnival and I got sprayed with foam (called cariocas) many times, the kids love it, I heard it gets even crazier with eggs and flour and buckets of water and paint!! No one is spared but the kids are cute and are covered with foam and take pity on no one. A friend wore a rain jacket out!

There was a parade yesterday and the people in the parade were covered.

Today I hiked with a fellow traveler to see the volcano and met some people who invited us to swim in the baths at their hotel on the side if the mountain. We went fir a quick swim and then were told by the staff it cost 30$ a person. We paid 20 which is crazy cause it cost about 1$ At the other baths and meals here including soup main with sides and a drink are 2.50. Everything is in dollars so it's easy to get around.
Today I will go to a farm.

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