Monday, February 21, 2011

Oaxaca Monday 2/27/11

Well Friday was a great day. Went to play with the children again at the afterschool program for street children and it was fun because it was more relaxed so they warmed up to me and I went to the playground with them.  They all wanted to hold my hand and were jumping up to give me hugs and wanted to play.

Then I met up with Marian who is from Oaxaca and was kind enough to show me around. We went to the market and she showed the different foods and had me try many of them. In case you don't know Oaxaca is famous for it's food.Walking around with her was the best! Like a personal tour guide and also not sure if what she wants in life. She is in her 30s lost her job is unmarried and wants to travel and isn't sure what she wants to do for work... Sound familiar?

Rick (very famous chef) Bayless comes here and learned to cook here and sends his chefs here to learn the food here. The owner if Taza chocolate also learned about chocolate making here. They are famous here for their mole and their street foods. I think I have gained 15lbs. The cheese I amazing, it's similar to mozzarella but better. The markets are so much fun to walk around. I have tried lits of food and fruits. This weekend I went hiking in the mountains with a tour. the view was pretty but somewhat uneventful as the guide didn't speak English.

If you are looking for volunteer work in Oaxaca city this organization is really good.  Its drop in so you dont need to commit to anything.  I recommend if you know ahead of time to bring some school supplies, games, Spanish childrens books, and art supplies with you to donate.  Actually I recommend this whenever you are traveling as most places around the world have a school, program, library or non profit organization that could use some supplies that you might have an not need.   As with most volunteer opportunities the longer you can stay the more the organization (in this case the kids) will benefit and the more you will also learn and get to know the children.

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