Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cuenca exploring

Explored Cuenca yesterday. Walked sound pumapungo, historical ruins right in the city. It is a fantastic museum owned by the bank with a wonderful garden. Went to another museum of aborigines. Went to the market. The view from tue top floor of the place we are staying is amazing and overlooks the city. Soo many places to get fresh bread and croissants. I will definitely come home fat. Made hot chocolate with rum and milk last night that was like mousse it was so thick and creamy. Saw a march for water here in the city. The city is so clean that at the end of the march there was a group of people with trash bags and brooms. Today going to the cajas national park. Tomorrow have to leave for my next destination.
Ecuador has the hot water on the right and the cold on the left, dunny little differences.

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