Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Banos ecuador still

In carnival everyone got foamed even those in the parade
taffy is made everywhere
its hard to leave banos. ITs a great place. Today is wednesday the 16th of March already.
Today I will talk about food since someone asked about more details on the food.. and everyone knows I love to eat. I went to a potluck last night at a restaurant that was really fun.  There is a network of gringos that have lived here for a long time and the womans whose farm I am staying at is an integral part of it so the two of us volunteers were also invited.  The people who live here are very interesting.
Monday the other volunteer and I cooked dinner (rice and vegetable in a peanut sauce) and yesterday we made mango salsa and guacamole to bring to the potluck. The salsa came out fantastic.  We cooked onions and garlic until a little soft added peppers (green and red for color) and tree tomatoes and a hot pepper then added tomatoes and at the end mango.. and a little spices some oregano etc.. delic.   We went to the market and got a big grocery bag of fruit and vegetables for around $2.5.
Today I got street food.  Tortilla de maiz, which is a small corn tortilla the size of a golf ball and filled with cheese and then I put Aji sauce on it which is boiled tree tomatoes, onion garlic hot pepper and some spice.  Then I got Pinchos which is different grilled meat on a stick with sliced plantains and spices and then they slather mayonaise on it.  speaking of plaintains.. they have this great grilled plantain that they slice open and put these delicous sauces in.
Here in Banos they are famous for their taffy.  Tons of stalls with rows of people pulling taffy in front of the stores on hooks as well as rows of sugar cane that you can buy pieces of to chew on or get sugarcane juice.
The farm I went to out in the jungle we at really well which is amazing since we didnt have electricity.. hence no fridge.  We had popcorn with cinamon and sugar.  And fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and other interesting food!

I havent figured out where I am going next week yet.  A couple of options.

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