Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guayaquil from Cuenca

yes a beautiful drive
ice cream.. yummy.
Last night was exhausted after hiking in the rain and being soaked then having to wait for the bus and hanging out with a drunk Ecuadorian couple.  They were quite entertaining and there was a small fireplace with a tired fire going.

Justin and I made a great dinner.  As has been the case with our dinners we use what ingredients are available without wanting to purchase too many ingredients and spices and things to carry.  The lentils with potatoes and some spices and banana came out great.  The banana melted into the sauce and made it a little sweet. 

Today I woke up and walked around Cuenca for the last time and bought fresh baked sweets, a brownie a cream puff etc and fresh bread straight from the oven and before I left I saw a woman with a cooler and everyone crowded around.  She was selling ice cream on a stick for 25 cents each I bought one with 3 different fruit flavors and then proceeded to buy 2 more!!!  hmm definitely working on gaining some.. umm.... heft.  I then took the bus ride (4 hours) to Guayaquil.  The ride was beautiful in the beginning driving through Cajas national park again and being above the clouds... then we got in the clouds and I had to take a nap cause I was in the first seat and the driver was basically driving blind cause the clouds were so thick.  Now in Guayaquil and going to relax at the hostel because its is so hot and humid here and Guayaquil is supposed to not have anything interesting so I will catch up on reading and actually look at the spanish textbook I have been lugging around with me and havent cracked open.  Off to Monoloco lodge tomorrow!!!

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