Sunday, March 2, 2014

Santa Marta to Leticia

Santa Marta to Leticia by plane
For just under $78 I flew from Santa Marta to Bogota and Bogota to Leticia on Copa because vivacolombia does not fly to Leticia.  
To get to the airport I took the local bus which goes down carrera 1 which is only a few blocks from Hostel Masays and costs 1400COP. One came as soon as I got to the street and took 40 minutes.

Views of the amazon from the plane

The steam coming up from the amazon

The views from the plane were amazing

In Leticia we got our bags then went to immigration to get our exit stamps so we wouldnt have to come back to the airport later.  Before leaving the airport we had to pay a city tax of 20,000COP.  I shared a taxi from the airport with another girl for 7,000COP each.  We saw a mototaxi which only costs 2,000COP per person but it was gone by the time we got out of immigration.  
In Leticia we stayed at La Junglada in the dorm for 25,000COP a night.  Next time I would try Hostel Mahatu.

Parque Santander
I went to Santander park to watch the parrots come a sundown.  We arrived at 5pm to make sure we did not miss it, and they came at 5:40pm.  There were thousands of them as promised as they go there to sleep.  We also picked up some bread as Casa del Pan the bakery by the park. 
The parrots flying in the park

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