Friday, February 28, 2014


From Santa Marta to Valledupar
I accidently got on a bus that said that it was going to Valledupar, but it was going to Fundacion and I had to change buses there.  Then again.  It cost 26,000COP and took over 6 hours.  They told me it would take 4 hours. From the bus terminal to the center of town is 5,000COP in taxi. 

Nice small town.  Has a park and plaza and a few places to go swimming, hiking, visit local indigenous tribes and music schools. It is famous for being a city with lots of trees and the mangos in May as well as for vallenata music. 

La Sirena - the siren at the river in Valledupar

Hostel Provincia
I stayed at Provincia Hostel since its really the only hostel in town.  The people were nice and a good vibe though of course there were not many people there.  I was able to stay in a dorm room with AC and there was no one else in it. Lots of hammocks and space since there were only 4 other travels, and all were over 30 years old.  Cost: 23,000 COP for a dorm

Valledupar to Santa Marta
Bus company: Costaline Cost: 23,000COP Duration: 4.5 hours (they said 3.5 hours)
Good bus company, large bus with comfortable seats, AC, bathroom, wifi etc

Santa Marta
Again back in Santa Marta.  The town is really hopping with everyone getting ready for Caranaval which starts tomorrow.

City map of Santa Marta

Hostel Masaya
Decorated like a hotel and with 2 pools!
Nice hostel almost like a hotel, 2 pools, bar, wifi in the entire hostel including rooms, different night activities, english speaking staff that are really helpful. The bunks all have curtains and locked drawers and a private fan.  Cost: 25,000COP
Hostel Masaya - Each bed had a fan, curtains, outlets, light, a lockable drawer and an little shelf. I like details like this.

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