Monday, March 31, 2014

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Pinacoteca Do Estado Museum exhibit

Tree in the park

Exhibit from above

tree in the park
The Portuguese Language Museum
Sao Luis to Sao Paulo
I decided to pay for a flight on GOL airlines to Sao Paulo since my time is getting to the end.  Well my flight left at 5AM so I decided to take the bus which was 2.10R to the airport the night before and sleep at the airport.  I arrived at Campinos and took a bus for 19R to Sao Paulo which took about an hour and 20 minute to the Tiete bus station. It is a huge bus station. 
Sao Paulo

The metro is nice and easy to use. Friday I walked around the downtown and the churches and saw the outside of the Theatre and then went on the Critical Mass Bike gathering which was really interesting.  It was a group of over 100 people and they really tried to be noticeable and gave out whistles and were chanting more bikes, less cars.  It was quite fun.  So on Saturday I went to the Portuguese Language Museum and the Pinacoteca museum near the Luz station and the park. The Pinacoteca museum was really nice and is the oldest museum in Sao Paulo.  It had many nice art exhibits and was interesting to walk around as well as the park that is outside. I walked to the Municipal Market because my guide said they had lots of good food and was near there but it was closed. 


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