Thursday, February 27, 2014


We went to Tayron for 2 days. We took the bus from the market in Santa Marta to the entrance of Tayrona.  It cost 6,000COP for the bus to the entrance el Zaino.  At the entrance we paid our 38,000COP (around 18 USD) entrance fee and had our bags checked.  We were told not to bring in the plastic bags of water or alcohol as it is not allowed, as well as guitars are not allowed.  Then we took the collectivo to the Canaveral which was 2,000COP.
From there we walked to the Arrecifes beach which had a few camping options.  The first place Paraiso had hammocks for about 13,000COP, or more expensive ones in a screened in hut, so we walked to the next place which seemed nice and the hammocks were only 10,000 COP.  But we decided to go to the next campsite called Bukaroo cause we were told you could cook there.  The hammocks were 12,000 COP per person so we decided to do hammock but were told after that a tent was only 20,000 for 1 or 2 people so we would have done that instead. I would not recommend cooking there.  They did not want us to borrow their pots and were a bit rude about it and its only a fire pit with some wire over it so you have to build a fire and find wood which is fun for one night but a little too much work since they didnt want to give us more than one plate.
Arrecifes was a pretty beach but Cabo San Juan was even prettier.  La piscina was ok and we saw a turtle swimming there.  All three places are maybe a half hour walk from each other.  We went to El Pueblito one day and I recommend it.  Its ruins from around 400AD and there are indigenous people that still live there and speak another language.They live mostly off the land, collecting fruits and plants.  We talked to one of the mothers who spoke English but her children did not yet speak English. It took an hour and a half to climb up to the ruins over some large rocks from Cabo San Juan beach.
Overall I am glad that we stayed in Arrecifes because Cabo was really packed with lots of people and crowded restaurant and bar.  Arrecifes isnt a far walk and quiet.  Also there is a bakery next door which has hot bread that is stuffed with choices like chocolate, cheese, guava and cheese, carmel etc.  They also serve hot meals which are very large and one of the cheaper on the island, besides the owner is really nice.  
When we left Tayron we went back the same way we came in.
La piscina lagoon

El Cabo beach

El Cabo beach

Our dinner over the campfire

Hiking to El Pueblito ruins

Lizard with a bright blue tale

Its so nice to bump into friends in unexpected places!  We havent seen each other since last year.  The hut is an indigenous hut where a family lives and the children only speak the indigenous language.

The little lagoon in front of our campsite

Up early after sleeping in a hammock

The beautiful sunrise over the beach
Tyrona Park Map

Santa Marta
We stayed at La Brisa Loca again and again they played the music very loud even though most people were sleeping and only a handful of people were at the bar.  Also dont stay in room 108 because they have some storage room or something off the room and tons of people kept coming in our room at 1 and 2 in the morning and were shining flashlights on our faces and making jokes.  Our friends were staying in a private room and some drunk girl broke the lock and entered their room at 3 or 4 in the morning.  When I return to Santa Marta I am planning to stay at Hostel Masaya. Its just down the street from La Brisa Loca and seems much nicer and quieter.  Its is 25,000COP at Hostel Masaya instead of 22,000COP at La Brisa Loca but Hostel Masaya seems really nice, with 2 pools and really clean it looks like a hotel.

I took a bus from the street that cost 26,000 COP to get to Valledupar. They said it takes 4 hours but it took me 6.5 hours and I had to change buses 3 times.  I am staying at Provincia hostel which is so quiet with not many people but really laid back and friendly.  Its 23,000 COP and has AC in all the rooms.  I wish I could spend longer here as it seems to have many things to do.

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