Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Salento - Armenia - Cali

Salento to Armenia
Buses leave a block and a half from the firestation as well as from the park in Salento
To Armenia - less than an hour, costs 3,400 COP, leaves every 20 minutes

Armenia to Cali
There are lots of collectivo vans that leave from the bus station and so many different companies for around 20,000 COP.  We went to TransArmenia which was 21,000 COP which the van was nice and clean though they said it wouldnt take more than 2 hours and 45 minutes it took over 3 hours and even though they said no stops they still stopped to pick up passengers.

From the bus station we took a cab which use taxi meters.  To get to hostel El Viajero we took a taxi that cost 8,000 COP. The hostel is nice and is 23,000COP per person for a dorm room of 12 people.  I was annoyed when I was checking in and the 6 people who came after me were all brought to the dorm first.  It has a pool and is open so it stays nice and cool.  They have free yoga classes 3 days a week and free salsa classes everyday.  It includes breakfast of coffee/tea, bread (but no marmalade or butter) and cornflakes, pineapple, yogurt, milk and a juice mixed from a packet.  It a good hostel with lots of activity and two computers and good wifi.  It does not include towels which surprised me cause all of the hostels I have stayed in recently in Ecuador and Colombia have provided towels.
I am going to move to another hostel Tostaky which is 18,000 COP that is down the street and a little bit quieter, no breakfast (but the free breakfasts are not normally very good) or pool or yoga, but they do provide free towels and the dorm is only 4 people and also has a computer.  Its close to San Antonio park which is nice to walk around.

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