Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things I don't inderstand

While I love Latin America some things really are difficult for me to understand.

1. Why would a country have a national park that is open daily but not have a bus that runs to the park on Sundays from the nearest village? Especially when the nearest village is about 25 km away and there are no taxis in the town.

2. Why only have buses that leave at 7pm to arrive at 3am? In Bolivia this happened to me at least 3 times. There were no there options for times and it was the last destination for the bus. And I know there were no connections as no buses left the station till 7am or later.

3. Why don't the vendors diversify? When walking around a city you will often see rows and rows of food vendors. But every single one of them has the exact same options. Go to one town and everyone sells burgers or hot dogs, another town everyone has meat or chicken empanadas. Here everyone is trying to sell chipa a type of cornbread. Every bus stop three people come on trying to sell chipa. My friend and I were dying for anything else.

4. Why tell me something doesn't have meat when it does? This can mean today at the store when I order raviolis after he looked at them and cut one open declared it didn't have meat. But when I ate one I thought it tastes like some type of meat then was confirmed after I bit into a piece of cartilage. Also they haven't figured out that when I ask for a dish without meat I don't mean for them to just pick out the big pieces of meat and serve it with small pieces of meat. But I am used to that now as that when asked for a dish without meat they seem to think it means you don't want alot of meat.

5. Why is it so important where I am from? When I say I am from the states they tell me no you are not, you are from China. Ok then why did they ask? Or they pull the corners of their eyes back and start laughing.

6. Why is ok to yell after people? If I go out in a single day I have at least dozens of people calling me hey China girl.   I asked some recently if they thought America was all white and they said, there are a few black people. Its as if native Americans never existed in the US.  I have had a number of people ask me if I can see.. and when I asked why they said cause my eyes are so small.

7. Why some people don't even try to understand you. I know my Spanish is bad but often I am asking a very simple question and obvious like asking the bus driver when is the next bus leaving and they look at me like I am trying order a pizza from them. I felt better when my friend went to a bus company that had a sign that said it's only destination was buenas aires and I went over and she was saying buenas aires and he kept saying where? So I asked and was able to communicate with him but that exact situation has happened to me. Recently I just pointed to the sign I mean it was the only destination for the company so Even with my poor accent why she couldn't at least guess is beyond me.

8. Why does everything have sugar? All the juices even in the store including apple juice have sugar added. But then again the epitome of that is I have seen a mother mix in sugar with baby formula as well as a mother put Coke into a baby bottle and feed it to her baby after they had so much fun watching the baby sorta suck on a lollipop.the baby was mostly drooling and playing with the Lollypop with it's hands and having fun with the stickiness. In Brazil on the buses they has special seating for elderly, handicapped, pregnant or obese people. Makes me wonder if the US is next to have this.

9. Why when people dont understand they just ignore you or look away from you instead of saying I dont understand.. or when I ask them to repeat something please they just throw their hands in the air and say she doesnt undertand anything instead of just trying to say it again slower.

10.  Why the baggage handlers in Argentina feel they can yell at you in English Money when they want a tip even if I already have a tip in my hand am about to tip them they are already yelling at me.

11. Why people dont tell the truth.  Is there a bus going there tomorrow.  Yes.   But no there is not a bus.  Is this museum in this direction.. yes.. when its not in that direction, etc.  Is my mochilla (backpack) on the rack above me?  Yes.  Are you sure, its a black backpack? Yes.  Few minutes later I decide to check anyways.. my backpack is gone and there is not one piece of luggage in the rack anywhere near where I was sitting.  If he had just told me that it wasnt there I possibly could have recovered my backpack.

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