Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tupiza Uyuni Tour

The Tupiza to Uyuni tour was amazing and long.  Lots of hours sitting in a jeep, but the scenery was beautiful.  Beautiful lakes, lots of flamingos, vicuna and llamas, as well as ostriches.  The salt flats were really amazing.

Went to Tarija a nice little city with lots of wineries. I tried ajiba juice which looked like a potatoe that they peeled and it was purple inside.


I crossed over into Salta, Argentina today.  I love Bolivia but its great being back to the world I know where the roads are good, showers are hot and internet works.  And where bus schedules make sense to me. In Bolivia all the buses seem to leave in the early evening and arrive at 3 or 4 in the morning.  I havent figured out why they dont just leave at 10pm instead of 7pm and arrive at 6am instead of in the middle of the night... but all the companies leave at the same time for the same destination.  Here the buses leave later so they arrive at maybe 7am or something more reasonable.
area outside of Tupiza

I couldnt get a good picture of the ostriches but those specs are ostrich

It was cold and there was snow in many areas. 

The scenery the entire way was beautiful and kept changing

it was really cold with lots of snow

We saw lots of llamas as well as vicunas

Many of the lakes provided perfect mirror images.

The hots springs.. there was an amazing view from the natural hot spring

The colors of the lakes were all different, reds greens, blues

These geysers were bubbling and smoking

These also were smoking from the hot springs

The steam is from the hot springs

Those are all flamingos.. some of the lakes were full of them.. hundreds

baby flamingo before it turns pink

We had oca for lunch which is a root vegetable and people compare it to a white carrot though I think its more like a potatoe.. and grilled bananas

salt flats

salt flats.. nothing but salt.. the guide said its 80 meters deep

more salt

a flock of flamingos few overhead

playing with pringles cans.. and perception

our tour group

there is a hotel completely made of salt.. everzthing the tables etc and each of the salt bricks make the hotel walls. 

The salt mounds used to extract the salt

the water covering the salt had a cool reflection.

I tried a new juice.  

the city of Salta Argentina, from the hill where there is some beautiful  waterfall displays

yes I have salt on my knees

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