Thursday, September 29, 2011


Made it to Tacumba and went hiking in Impossible national park.  The view was beautiful and of course on our way back the clouds came in.  The hike wasnt too hard.  We saw the national bird and lots of picaya and coffee plants.  Picaya is a huge produce out here.  We were sad to see our guide was paid $8 for a tour which we paid $25 each for.  Its sad to see.  Today we woke up early and went to lake coatepeque which was very pretty.  Then on the way back we stopped to go shopping at the market in anhuachapan.  A wonderful few days.  I am sad to go and see my trip through central america cut short but excited to go to my next stop.. Patagonia Chile.  It is going to be a long weekend of travel starting early tomorrow morning and hopefully arriving afternoon two days later.

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