Sunday, September 25, 2011

Juayua on Ruta de Flores

Made it to juayua today for their weekend food festival. Had fun walking around tryin food. We tried corn pancakes with sting cheese. And corn on the cob they call crazy corn (elote loco) that has mustard ketchup and cheese on it. Getting up early for some waterfall hikes tomorrow. Just tried some hot chocolate I bought from a lady at the market that made discs of chocolate right in front of us and wrapped them in paper. I will try again but with milk this time as I think it will be better. The weather up in the mountains is so nice. It gets nice an cool in the evening. Bumped into a couple I had met earlier in the trip. She recognized me as the girl from the states who looked Asian but had a fence name. I had already bumPed into someone else from that same night recently. It's interesting to see how many people you keep seeing on the gringo trail.
On another note I met a German couple with 4 kids travelling the world.. On bikes no less. Their website is

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