Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caye caulker

Long travel day but everything worked out beautiful for me. I woke up and decided not to take the first bus but to relax and have a big breakfast. Then I walked to the bus station and thought there wasn't another bus for an hour nut one was leaving in a few minutes. Then after a four hour bus ride I arrived in chetumal where I wakes to the ferry and caught the ferry and only had to wait about an hour but was talking to others heading to the same island. there are two ferry boats and the first one that asks wanted to charge me Doyle what the send one asked and the cheaper one has priority at immigration so we got to leave and arrive first even though they technically leave at the same time.
So I arrived this morning at the bus station at 930 and arrived here around 730 in the evening or 630 with the time change.
Caye caulker is really nice though is covered with backpackers. It is also another island with sand roads and only golf carts no cars. Very small and easy to walk around. Planning on diving tomorrow.

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