Monday, April 21, 2014

Uruguay, Colonia Valdense

Sunset in Colonia Valdense

herb carcarja

The moon rising during the sunrise

Full moon rising

From Curibita I took an overnight bus to Porto Alegre where I stayed the night at Rock N Roll (around 15$) hostel which was more like an apartment but very close to the bus station, then the next day I took a night bus to Montevideo. It was such an easy border crossing, I handed my passport to the person at the ticket counter and then the next morning before we arrived at the bus station I got my passport back.  It was also a nice surprise that they served us a snack on the bus for both dinner and breakfast, it wasnt very big but non of the buses in Brasil had done that so I was surprised.

From the bus station in Montevideo I couldnt get money from the ATM machines in the terminal as well as the European couple that I took the bus with were also not able to withrdaw, so I went outside and across the street was a money change place where inside they had an ATM I could use.   I then took the two hour journey to Colonia Valdense where I did a work exchange. It cost around 179 with both the companiesTuril or Cot.  and took around 2 hours.  It was a really nice small town where you could get lots of fresh local products like cheese and wine.
 I also went to Colonia for a free jazz concert in a theatre.
Now I am back in Montevideo the capital where I took a city bus from the bus station for 15pesos to my hostel.  The hostel called Caballo Loco is 400Pesos or 18USD and is pretty nice though the room is kinda smelly/stuffy as I find rooms tend to get when people are in them sleeping all day. 

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