Sunday, January 22, 2012


Made it to Cusco coming all the way from southern Chile after many days.  Cusco is a nice small city.  Hiked the Inka Trail and saw Macchu Picchu as well as many other Inka ruins and visited the sacred valley and towns such as Pisac and Ollantatambo where there was a festival going on and lots of parades.  Also went to Puno and went to visit the islands on the lake and some ruins outside of Puno.  Then I went to Arequipa and saw condors and did a trek and stayed a night in the Colca Canyon.  Then from Arequipa I went to Bolivia and Copacabana which I liked more than Puno then stayed a night on Isla Sol and walked around the island.  A very pretty island. Now I am in La Paz which is a surprisingly nice city.  I walked to the mirador which had a breathtaking view of the city and walked around. I had a saltena which was amazing.
I think I am heading to Sucre next.

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