Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Spain, Barcelona and Estartit and the festival in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona

Shitting figurines in Barcelona, famous for Christmas
 Diada Castellera de Festa Major de Gràcia 
Street festival in Gracia where the decorated the streets

The decorations were incredible

Each street had a theme, such as candy, music, willy wonka, Alice in Wonderland etc

The decorations were made using recycled goods

The streets were packed

decorations were everywhere

Really amazing festival

View from Guell Park

Estartit, view of medes island made famous by Jaques Cousteau
Estartit is a costal town in the area called costa brava, a couple of hours from Barcelona.  A bus ticket from the North Station costs around 21.7Euros.

Guell park
Gruell park - Gaudi

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