Friday, November 29, 2013

The middle of the world (Mitad del mundo)

Indigenous sun dial that is two sided
 On Wednesday I went to Mitad del Mundo. This is where the ecuator is located.
$4 entrance fee to the museum intinan and took about 75 cents and one hour to get there by bus.  The picture above is a sundial. It has two sides because the shadow is on one the south side of the rock half the year and north side the other 6 months.

Me at the ecuator
 The tour was good.  He mentioned how the indigenous knew this was the ecuator and placed markings along it.  But that the French came in the 20th century and built a monument a few hundred meters from to the south that they had incorrectly declared as the exact ecuator.  The demonstration everyone liked most putting a sink of water on the ecuator and seeing it run directly down the hole without turning and then the guide bringing it a few feet south and watching it go run down clockwise as well as then bringing it a few feet to the north where it then went down the drain counter clockwise. I recommend the museum even though its kinda cheesy and touristy I am glad I went cause its fun. 
This is the monument built that was slightly off the center of the ecuator
We skipped going into this areas on the recommendations from others that it wasnt worth it.

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