Sunday, October 27, 2013

Medellin and outside, Guatape & Santa Rosa de OSO

On the lake at Guatape

Yes there is a cross in the lake

View of the rock from the lake

Scultpture.. and the sculptors remains are below the sculpture

Park of lights..These pilars have tube lights that light up at night

This building was the symbol of Medellin, its in the shape of needle because it represented the major industry in Medellin at the time

A Botero statue that had a bomb placed in it

He made a new one that was placed next to the one that exploded

Santa Rosa de Oso - small town outside of Medellin

Tree of life.. beautiful sculpture made of old weapons

A closer view of the Tree of Life

One of the many water fountains in Medellin

Salon de Te in Medellin
Paisas as they call people from Medellin are so friendly.  People are always offering to show you around or bring you out for a drink. I have a bag full of peoples phone numbers and was taken out twice for a drink at a cafe. 
Pablo Escobar's bombed house on the lake

Back view of Pablo Escobars house on the lake

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