Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Dresses of recycleables

We put on a festival.  The costumes people made with recycled materials was really inspiring.

Costume made of plastic bottles, even the shoes are made of chip bags and boxes

Papayas are everywhere

Dress of newspaper
More dresses of chip bags and dewspapers
 Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica
I saw tayra, white faced capuchin monkeys, deer and lots of birds.
tayras in Costa Rica Santa Rosa Park

carra carra in Santa Rosa

white faced cappuchin monkey in Santa Rosa
Urraca in Ometepe

Can you see the bat?

can you see the bats?

 Butterfly reserve outside of Granada
Owl butterfly

Happy Face Butterfly.. Can you see the smil ; )

Butterfly eggs

The opposum hiding in the tree

Blue Morpho
Amazing views from Momotombo

More views

More views from top
 other adventures
Riding the bus back from Las Brisas.. You can ride on top till you get to the city

Mangroves tour, pygmie king fisher

Using the telescope
 Frangi Pani
National flower of both Nicaragua and Laos
Sacaunjoche national flower of Nicaragua

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