Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Esteli recycling trash

Well I have been volunteering in Esteli for about 2 months now and I have had some time to do some construction work.  and fun project.  I made a rum bottle edge for the walkway, it looks better in person and is a great way to reuse bottle that would go in the trash. 
I painted some shelves and put some fun lighter blue lines on it to make it more fun.  We had some left over wood from from the blue shelves we did so I decided to make a checker board and use a bottle for the side support.  I wanted to use Pepsi and coke caps for the checkers so it could be a Pepsi challenge  but I didnt have enough Pepsi tops, so it Tona vs Victoria which are the local beers here. 
Rum Bottle edging
Rum Bottles lining the step

Checker board I pained with other shelves I painted to hang on the wall

Book shelves I painted lines on

Flower bottle caps to hold a candle
Purse I made out of an old magazine from the trash
Another purse I made from the same magazine

There is lots of fresh limes and cilantro in the yard so I added fresh  Cilantro Pesto to my bread. So good hot out of the oven.  
Focaccia I thought was good until I started baking cilantro pesto rolls. 

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