Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am completely exhausted today.  Yesterday we went on a hike up the mountain that was supposed to take 2 hours but the trail needed cutting back since its spring that trail probably hadnt been used much over the winter. I was glad I wore pants as I had to brush small leeches on my pants which I hear are abundant here due to the large amounts of rainfall.  We left just after 6pm and made it to the top around midnight. It was beautiful and peaceful up there.   There was a large waterfall and the moon was bright enough you could see the other mountains and the sea clearly which had a beautiful glow around it in the clouds and a wonderful reflection on the sea. Some clouds moved in for a little while covering the sea the moved on.  I could only pick out Orion which was upside down.

On the walk were ornithologists and herpetologists who were studying frogs so they found a number of frogs on our walk even in the dark as it got dark before we arrived at the top.  I was amazed how they could find these small frogs only an inch or less long and well camouflaged.  We had some mate (fermented tea) and sandwiches at the top in a small hut.  Then hiked down.  We got back after 2AM.  A truly beautiful hike!  I want to do it again before I leave in the day to take some pictures.

I finally saw dolphins off the beach today. I have heard they are here all the time but today was the first day I have seen them.  There were at least 6 of them.

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