Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today went diving in a fesh water cenote. The visibility was so clear. It was quite nice. Then went to yak a swim in another cenote that we could bike to from where we are staying. It if refreshing and so nice to come out of the water and not be sticky from salt. It has been raining and has cooled down. I hope it stays like thi as it's been sweltering hot. Stance coincidence I arrived at my hostel and found it I was rooming with 3 Koreans from Canada. Then today another girl arrived in our room and she is also Korean from california. We have an all Korean room! I think in my travels I have only met only one other traveller who is Korean before now. I decided to do another dive tomorrow then will stay jere one more night and head down to Belize for some more diving. One of the best things about this hostel is they provide a. Really good make it yourself breakfast. They put out eggs and veggies and tortillas and cereal etc. I made a stir fry veggies tortilla this morning

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