Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baja Mexico June 25- July 2

Cabo Pulmo - wonderful town that is completely solar powered (with some help from small generators).
The diving was not great as the hurricane stirred up the waters and the visibility was only 15 feet.   Its a very quiet area and would be a nice escape for someone looking for a quiet retreat with not much around (which is much different from the resort areas nearby)

Baja is known for their fish tacos.  A good place will make fried fish tacos. And bring the fixings for the tacos out on a platter.  

Fried fish on a tortilla

add toppings. Yum!

Canon La Zorra - stopped here to take the short hike out to the waterfalls and swim in the lagoon. Its called Sol De Mayo Biosphere at Sierra La Laguna.  The water levels were low because there had not been much rain so diving was not allowed and there is an entrance fee of $6. 

La Paz - diving here was also disappointing and also had only 15ft visibility.  But the city and waterfront malecon was nice to walk around.  This is not a resort town so while there are many tourists here there are local who work in areas other than tourism here.  We stayed at this wonderful hotel.  While more expensive than a hostel, if you are looking for a nice bed and breakfast place with friendly staff and a free bottle of water everyday and airconditionig I highly recommend this place for travelers with a little higher budget. Hotel Mediterrane (http://www.hotelmed.com/) Rancho Viejo had decent food and right on the malecon for a nice location.  bismarkcito also on the waterfront was highly recommended but the food was not very good.  We did get to try the famous chocolate clams there.

Lunch at the loncheria outside of the mercardo was very good and a reasonable price.  I got fried fish that was very tasty. 

Todos los Santos - nice town to walk around.  Went to the turtle nesting beach and walked around town. Lunch at El Zaguan, cute restaurant and supposedly all organic but the food was only OK at best.  They do have a nice sidewalk seating area.

Visited the earthship outside of Todos Los Santos. If you are interested in environmental building they gave a wonderful tour and are very inspiring young people hard at work and I highly recommend visiting them or attending a future workshop they are holding.  Their website www.sentidocontrario.org has more information.  They have solar power and put together this place using mostly trash (tires, cans, and bottles) as well as bamboo. No AC is needed in this desert home as a type of convection cooling system is used by orienting the house properly to keep it cool.

The roof.  You can walk on the roof for a wonderful view of the water and the solar panels.

 The bathroom which recycles the grey water through the toilets.
 The hallway which uses glass bottles to make designs and lots of natural light.

Cabo San Lucas -  This is a large resort area with not much authentic Mexican Culture or cuisine. The diving here was also disappointing having only 15ft visibility again.
We splurged and stayed at Bahia Beach Club Cabo  (http://www.cabovillas.com/properties.asp?PID=62) which was decent though I think one of the smaller hostel type places would have been better value.  The rooms were nice and did have a kitchenette which was nice and had a pool but not fitness center.

Note - that I think renting a car might be the best way to get around as buses here are not as good as they are in mainland Mexico.

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